Our culture

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    “Quality control” and “product optimization” are a constant process

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    Integrated documentation of tests and data

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    Planned internal audits

Our Commitment

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    Use of traceable and controlled substances

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    Scheduled system out-of-domain results

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    Experienced and trained experts

Our mission is to promote animal health. Accelerating the direction and delivery of animal pharmaceutical products by completing processes such as importing, distributing and introducing products with reasonable and competitive tariffs is an integral part of our Mission Statement .Our efforts will be to provide the largest share of the market for high-quality pharmaceutical products in the country at the lowest cost.

Our Mission

Trust in others: We believe that mutual trust will bring empathy and synergy, motivation and vitality. Cooperation: Our stakeholder interests are part of our interests. We are ready for collaborative co-operation
CARE: We will use the maximum knowledge and resources in providing care services
Commitment: Responsible for loyal and compassionate tasks
Acknowledgments: We always appreciate the efforts of our colleagues

Our Vision

Since its inception, the company has focused on providing the best possible service to all stakeholders, including the shareholder, partner companies and the pharmaceutical and medical community of the country. This collection is considered an integral part of the health chain and tries to elevate its organizational values.

Our values

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    We are responsible, working together as a team and clearly communicating
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    Social innovation is an innovative solution for solving social problems
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    Creating a healthy environment for work and supporting ethical initiatives
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    We always fulfill the exceptional quality