Vaccine for prevention of Mastitis in cattle elaborated with microbial anacultures of the most commonly found strains. Suspension for injection.Composition:Streptococcus agalactiae, S. dysgalactiae, S. uberis, S. pyogenes, Staphilococcus aureus, Escherichia coli (strains Bov-13, Bov-14, Bov-15, Suis-21 and J5) and Arcanobacterium pyogenes. Reinforced with immunity adjuvants.Each ml contains a minimum of 6*10^9 m.o.Target species and indications:Cattle (adult cows).Active immunization against clinical and subclinical mastitis of the cattleThe immunity appears 8-10 days after the application of the second dose.The duration of the immunity is at least 6 months.Posology and method of administration:Route: Subcutaneous in neck or back region.Dose: 5 ml.First vaccination: two injections with an interval between both applications of 15 days.The minimum recommended age for the application of the products 20-22 months, 2 months before calving.Heifer: administer 2 months before the first calve.Cow: administer in any moment, independently of the physiologic status.Re-vaccination: every 6 months.Presentation and withdrawal period: 20 ml (4 dose) and 100 ml (20 dose) / 0 days.