Attenuated live monovalent vaccine against Newcastle disease. Oral lyophilized vaccine.

Composition: Active virus of Newcastle disease, attenuated strain La Sota.

Target species and indications:

Chickens and hens from the third week of age, except for laying hens.

Active immunization against Newcastle disease in chickens and adult hens.

Primary vaccinations in chicks, older than 21 days, except for laying hens. It can be also used in emergency vaccination.

Posology and method of administration:

Route: drinking water.
Primary vaccination: from 1 to 10 days old.

Revaccination: 3 weeks after the primary vaccination and every 3-4 months.

Method of administration:

Deprive birds of drinking water for some hours (2 or 4 hours). Open the vial under the water, with the lyophilized vaccine and dissolve by stirring up with a clean object. The number of doses depends on the number of animals to be vaccine. Administer the vaccine at first hour in the morning, avoiding the contact of sunrays with the watering places. The vaccine will be diluted according to the age of the animals. The quantity of water that will be needed is:

  • 3-8 weeks old…………………….20-30 ml/bird
  • Older hens………………………….40 ml/bird

The use of liquid skimmed milk together with clean water is recommended to prolong the stability of the vaccine.

Presentation and withdrawal period: 10 vials with 1.000 doses / 0 days.