Avian live viral vaccine against Avian Infectious Bursitis (Gumboro disease). Oral lyophilized vaccine.

Composition: Gumboro disease virus, Winterfield 2512 strain

Target species and indications: Chick and adults birds/ Active and/or passive immunization against Infectious avian bursitis.

Posology and method of administration: The dose does not depend on the age, one dose per bird whichever its age is. The best route to administer the vaccine is the oral route, in drinking water.

Method:Animals must be taken away from water during some hours (2-4 hours). Dissolve the contents of the vials in the water. The number of doses must be related with the number of animals to immunize. Administer the vaccine early in the morning, avoiding the sun contact in the drinking troughs. The vaccine will be diluted according to the age of the animals.

The quantity of vaccine that will be needed is:

  • Chicks of 10-14 days old: 10-15 ml.
  • Hens of 3-8 weeks old: 20-30 ml.
  • Older hens: 40 ml.

Presentation and withdrawal period: 10 vials with 1.000 doses / 0 days.