Your real hope in hygiene warzones

All the meat and livestock sectors including the poultry, cattle and the feed and food processing companies are fighting the outbreak of infectious diseases in their operating environment. A sound and preventative hygiene program is vital to achieve the important first step towards a productive disease free environment. Using CID 20 as your trusted partner against bacteria, viruses and fungi spores you can be sure that the results will lead to a healthy and profitable business.

CID 20 is …

  • Excellent to disinfect your animal houses, materials, surfaces, transport equipment for poultry, dairy and beef cattle, hatcheries and processing plants
  • Contains only compounds that are more than 90% biodegradable (OECD standards)
  • Suitable for use in fogging machine, without any need to add fog-enhancers
  • Can be used at low temperatures (4°C) without decreasing its action
  • A fast and long-lasting activity
  • Guaranteed 3 years shelf life
  • Very economical cost-in-use
  • Effective in hard water
  • Not corrosive


CID 20 is based on 5 different active ingredients in 3 groups:

  • Quaternary ammonium compound: Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (61.5 g/L)
  • Aldehydes: Glutaraldehyde (58 g/L), Formaldehyde (84 g/L), Glyoxal (19.8 g/L)
  • Alcohol: Isopropanol (40 g/L)

And also: Stabilizing agents, buffering agents, surfactants, fog enhancers, foam enhancers and corrosion inhibitors.

Direction for use

  • Clean at first the surfaces thoroughly
  • Disinfect: CID 20 can be
  • Sprayed, using 1L of dilute product / 4m^2, diluted at 0.25 – 1 % or 1:400 – 1:100 or 2.5 ml/L – 10.0 ml/L
  • Foamed (with a foam lance), which shows clearly where the product has been applied and ensures longer contact time
  • Fogged (with a thermo-fogger) for ambient disinfection (1.5L CID 20 + 3L water / 1000 m^3).