Innovation in acidification for water

  • Dry litter
  • Low dilution
  • Less mortality
  • Concentrated formula
  • Better eggshell quality
  • Better ADG (Average Daily Gain)
  • Better FCR (Feed Conversion Rate)
  • Reduction of Enterobacter such as coli and Salmonella Increase your benefits

Agrocid Super Oligo is a liquid additional feed for broilers, breeders and layers to use as an additive in drinking water. Its composition is made up of:

Formic acid, E236 (50%)

Works faster against enterobacteria than acetic- , lactic- and propionic acid

Propionic acid, E280 (15.3%)

Besides bactericidal effect also used as an energy source

Lactic acid, E270 (5%)

Stimulates the lactobacilli, important for optimal digestion

Halves risk of infection of Salmonella (storage of acid in the crop in poultry)

Additional source of energy

Expensive raw material, most essential

Citric acid, E330 (1.7%)

Positive effect on flavor

Sorbic acid, E200 (0.9%)

Good bactericidal activity within a wide pH range

Stimulates digestion, resulting in lower feed conversion

Copper, E4 (2100 mg/kg)

Increasing resistance (better immunity)

Ensures formation of blood, skin, hair and hooves

Zinc, E6 (2500 mg/kg)

  • Stimulates fertility
  • Restores the intestinal wall: stimulates the digestion
  • Active ingredient of various enzymes that provide protein synthesis (growth)

Direction for use

Add 300-500 ml per 1000L of water, depending on the pH level at the beginning. If necessary, make a pre-dilution.